If you think you’re too busy to clean, think again. All you need is 10.

Here’s a list of tasks that should be done regularly through the week.

  • Make the bed
    • Daily
    • Why? It’s a way of laying the day’s foundation. The bed is for rest. Rest time is over. Reset the bed and start your day.
    • To finish in 10: straighten out the sheets and covers and line up the pillows. That’s it. For me it takes one minute. 
    • Daily
    • Why?
      You need clean dishes to eat.
      Lingering scrap foods attract critters and eventually start to stink.
      A sink full of dirty dishes is simply unattractive and waters the chaos and clutter seeds of the subconscious.
    • Get it done in 10:
      If you have a dishwasher, use it. Take ten minutes to put away all clean dishes. Then, each time you use a dish, rinse away the residue (so that it doesn’t crust over) and load it into the dishwasher. That’s it! Once the dishwasher is full, run it and take another ten minutes to put away the cleans.If you’re lacking a dishwasher, even better. The process of washing dishes can actually relax and rejuvenate you. Take note of how you feel when looking at the disorder of a dirty sink. Do you feel uneasy? And note again how you feel as you scrub away sauces and rinse away soap to reveal what feels like a brand new plate.
    • These tips might help
      • Wash every dish immediately after use. With a nice soapy lather going on the dish towel, each dish takes no more than 45 seconds. This way, you’ll spend 5 minutes max each time you do dishes.
      • Rinse away food from used dishes to prevent crusting and stack until you have more time. At the end of each night, take ten minutes to scrub the pre-rinsed dishes and rack to dry.
      • When cooking: Clean as you go. Once you’ve chopped the veggies and dropped them in a pan, take 45 seconds to clean the cutting board and knives. Once you’re done with the mixing bowl, take another 45 seconds to wash and rack to dry. You’ll greatly reduce the amount of work to be done after dinner.
    • Weekly
    • Why?
      The amount of dust, dirt, hair, and food that pile up daily is a mess. When there’s a mess we should clean it.Ignoring the crumbs you feel beneath your feet again waters the seeds of chaos and clutter.
    • Get it done in 10:
      It only takes ten minutes! There’s no strategy really. Sweeping is an easy task. Each room can be done in five (depending on the size). OR use a vacuum on the bare floor setting for faster results.
  • SHOWER: don’t let the build up build up. 
    • Weekly
    • Why?
      Thick layers of dirt and grime is an unpleasant sight anywhere, but especially in your own shower…where you clean yourself..
    • A dirty shower (or bathroom in general) creates subconscious blocks and grosses out your guests.
    • Get it done in 10 (or twenty depending on the severity of build up):
      Soak the shower in your cleaning product of choice. Your Lysols and Pine Sols indeed get the job done but consider natural products if you worry about breathing in harsh chemicals. Be sure to spray the floor of the tub, the corners, the walls, any shelving, the knobs, the faucet, all of it. Let it soak for 5-10 minutes and then scrub for another 5-10 minutes. Give it a good rinse with your shower head. Use cups full of clean water to rinse the far walls the shower head can’t reach. Perform a quality check. Did you miss any spots? If so, hit them with the spray bottle once  more.
    • Also consider keeping a fresh shower liner on deck. The tub will be as clean as you keep it, but the liner loves build up as well. Change the liner periodically to keep things fresh.
  • TOILET: If you see leftovers from past poo every time you use the toilet……………………………….it’s okay. This can change today.
    • Weekly
    • Why? Why else?
    • Get it done in 10: Use the shower strategy. Soak for 5 with your favorite cleanser. Scrub for 5 with your toilet brush. Don’t neglect the top and underside of the seat or the inside of the lid. Use paper towels or a sponge (to be thrown out after use). Also, periodically, clean the base of the toilet. Those curves are a favorite place for build up.
  • as needed, but at least once a week
    • Why? If you have something to throw away, and find that the trash is full, take the trash out. Don’t balance your new item on top of the trash tower. 
      This task doesn’t require much strategy but these tips might make help:

      • Remove the full garbage bag, set it aside and put the new bag in right away. This way, there’s nothing more to think about once you drop the trash in the dumpster.
      • Throw perishable food in a little plastic or paper bag. You can drop the little bag in the dumpster before you go to sleep or on your way out. This cuts down on sour smells coming from the kitchen and the necessary frequency of this task.

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