Spatial Therapy In 3 Stages

For anyone who feels their home experience could be more satisfying, here’s a three step guide for performing Spatial Therapy on your own. 1. Distinguish and Discard A couple things to keep in mind during this first stage. First: The word useful can be interpreted in more than one way. Not everything that’s useful in […]

Making Space After They Move Out

from living with love to letting go 1. Make a decision The decision might take weeks, months or years to make. Either way, you can’t move on until you’ve made a solid decision to do so. Get clear on the reasons why you need to move forward and then commit. Don’t waste energy pretending with […]

For Keep’s Sake Let It Go

knowing when to let go of gifts and other sentimental objects Countless times in cleaning, I come across dust-coated objects that are utterly useless to me but still decide to keep them, only because they were gifts. Is it ever appropriate to throw out a gift someone gave you? If your goal is to enrich […]