Having Healthy Love for Your Memories

For lighter life, we must let go of extra weight we hold in both the physical and mental spaces. I’ve been guilty of keeping things just to be reminded of a window of time. I’ve kept things that weren’t in use, things I rarely looked at. Letting go is a challenge. It can feel like […]

Before You Buy

bringing new things home is a privilege Because we’re always accumulating, we should always be reassessing the usefulness of what we own. There should be a healthy rotation between what we bring in and what we push out. The importance of this rotation is heightened when we go through drastic changes. Things we once couldn’t […]

Before You Fill

you must feel. Get to know the room. Get to know its textures and respond with what it makes you feel. Place the chair where it feels right. Leave it there for as long as it feels right. If the placement does not sit well with you, don’t be silent about it. Start dialogue. Move […]

Take Ten

If you think you’re too busy to clean, think again. All you need is 10. Here’s a list of tasks that should be done regularly through the week. Make the bed Daily Why? It’s a way of laying the day’s foundation. The bed is for rest. Rest time is over. Reset the bed and start […]

How to Digest Your Days

Each time you go into the world, you come home plump with new information and stimulation. Home is the place to break down and digest this info. To do so in a healthy manner, your home needs a few key components: bed bath kitchen seating workspace sacred space Each should be fine tuned for your […]