I had waited all month for this day. I finally had time to get in the back and finish the shed off once and for all. The plan was to go to the store, grab the few things I’d need not only for today but also for this coming Tuesday, when I plan to start building my first piece. Before the buy, I straightened the house, cut through piles from the last week and put things in their place. I was able to make one clean lap around Home Depot to get what (I thought) I needed. I took everything to the back, petted the neighbor’s pretty doggy and got to it.

I realized I had the wrong nails for one project so I moved to the next. Had the wrong screws for that project so I skipped over that one too. Couldn’t finish off the roof because I couldn’t find the Woodtites that I swore I bought. The nonsense went on until about noon when, trying to paint the top of the shed, I realized in a delirious instant that I was staring into the sun, light headed, hungry as hell, dehydrated, sweating like shit, bleeding from my arm and hardly able to see straight. I was forcing it. I had to accept that in my obsessive pursuit of productivity I ended up being wasteful, working against myself. I dropped everything and went inside to nourish body and reflect on what I had done to create such choppiness in my workday.

I felt defeated. I felt like I wasted valuable time. I wasn’t in synch with my environment and I wasn’t listening to my body. And most frustrating is that I now had to wait until I found more time off to finish off the project. So…until next time.


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