Iklwa by Mac Collins

seat of the week "...when used, the throne conjures up notions of authority, empowerment and dominance against oppression. "Drawing inspiration from his African Cultural heritage, Mac has created a furniture piece which is in tune with the ideas of Afrocentrism and Afrofuturism. Through a composition of powerful, spear-like forms, an encompassing backrest and a vivid, ultramarine hue, the [...]

Making Space After They Move Out

from living with love to letting go 1. Make a decision The decision might take weeks, months or years to make. Either way, you can’t move on until you’ve made a solid decision to do so. Get clear on the reasons why you need to move forward and then commit. Don’t waste energy pretending with [...]

The Dis-ease of Dislocation

“Georgia wasn’t her home, nor Cleveland or California. They had been only way stations that she had passed through. The thought of her dislocation was stifling; the number of places she couldn’t claim, dizzying. She had stopped at them all only long enough to get her picture taken.” Linden Hills | Gloria Naylor | 1985

For Keep’s Sake Let It Go

knowing when to let go of gifts and other sentimental objects Countless times in cleaning, I come across dust-coated objects that are utterly useless to me but still decide to keep them, only because they were gifts. Is it ever appropriate to throw out a gift someone gave you? If your goal is to enrich [...]

Resolution Season

The top of the year is near. Optimism and confidence permeate the air. People open themselves to change and allow their minds to imagine better life. Our media feeds will flood with positive thoughts challenges, get fit challenges, save money challenges and beyond. We might start a challenge, go hard for two weeks, fall off [...]