On Letting Tasks Linger

This strategy for fighting procrastination aims particularly at the tasks we just can’t seem to start. Following through to completion is another challenge. But as they say, showing up is half the battle. What started as tiny as a bullet point on your to do list has grown into a slobbering, snarling monster after two [...]

Can I Come Over?

the guest-host relationship As hosts, we take on the challenge of transforming the privacy of our home into a shared intimate experience with our guests. They dip into our private life, but they don’t go all the way in. There are still parts of our home that we keep out of sight when we have [...]


seat of the week A passage from Home: A Short History of an Idea by Witold Rybczynski "A well designed easy chair must accommodate not only relaxed sitting, but also having  a drink, reading, conversation, bouncing babies on the knee, dozing, and so on. It must permit the sitter to shift about and adopt a [...]

A Place to Contemplate

“The general rule is that soul appears in the gaps and holes of experience...Power pours in when we sustain the feeling of emptiness and withstand temptation to fill it prematurely...the soul has no room in which to present itself if we continually fill all the gaps with bogus activities.” Thomas Moore I used to hate [...]

Seat of the Week

This throne of a seat looks like it was unpeeled to reveal singer/songwriter, Ari Lennox. She can’t be bought, regrettably, but two of these chairs in tour backyard amid bamboo, banana trees, palms and philodendron might mimic the getaway that is her voice. Fit for shiraz on Saturday night or chai on Sunday morning, this [...]


This is recalibration. It's the practice of rebalancing the living space so that it resonates with the head space. Changes like this happen weekly in my house. If I feel stuck, stagnant, overwhelmed by my mind or just simply need a release, recalibration is my medicine.Sound borrowed from Tommy Guerrero - Heat in the Streets [...]