New Moon Cleanse

Though the size and shape of the moon remain constant, it looks different every time we see it. Sometimes it’s buttery crescent. Sometimes a perfect half circle. Other times it’s bold and bright and white. And still other times we can’t see the moon at all. The new moon, or dark moon, is the start of a new cycle. The dark circle grows to be a silver beaming ball, a full moon that will soon shrink back to black.

The new moon is something like a first of the month. It’s a fresh start, a blank slate. It’s a time to reorganize the space (living or working) and reset intentions. In the home, it could be emptying the trash, changing the sheets, sweeping, smudging. For me, I had a couple piles of papers and clothing built up from the last week, so I took time to put things in their place. I repotted a plant that had been on my list for far too long, changed my shower line and switched the cartilage in the shower filter. I’m also planning to vacuum the area rug in the front and make the bed with my new sheets! Do anything necessary to make the space feel new. This looks different for everybody and for you, could change every month depending on your needs.

In work or personal development, a reset could be in reassessing goals or making/updating lists. I took note of the big lessons I got this past month and used them to set my focus for this next month. a big lesson for me was in acceptance that things don’t change immediately. Real change takes time…And persistence. In the last week, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at my consistency in working through the ceaseless to-do list. Typically, I can do so many tasks before it’s time for me to go home and take a breather. But feeling inspired by this multi-dimensional artist and a design presentation I happened across, I challenged myself to a how much shit can I get done marathon. I got so much shit done that I not only slept better but also woke the next morning excited about how much I could get done. So in that space is where I set my intention for this next cycle: I’m manifesting new limits and consistence.

What are you manifesting this new moon? Is it courage to speak your mind? A new job? Money? If so, how much? (& try an abundance check). Get clear and be specific in what you are manifesting. Some write their intentions down and post them on a wall or set them on an altar/prayer box. I simply take note in my journal and meditate on it, burn some candles or sage. This month I’ll try to reconvene with myself on the first quarter moon to see what strides I’ve made and what’s holding me back. I’ll adjust accordingly and keep it movin.

Remember: If time won’t allow for your reset on the day of the new moon, a couple days before or after will work! Just try, in some way, to acknowledge the new beginning.

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