a couple things to consider

Some of us feel home is a place to sleep, wake up and leave. Others of us cherish the home as a sanctuary, a charging station. These ideas aren’t right or wrong but just symptoms of our individual journeys. Since we each have different ideas of home, all rich with history and developed over generations, trying to merge these ideas can be tricky.

Whether moving in together is a well thought through decision or ‘just happens,’ we should find time to ask our partners what home means to them, what it meant growing up, how it’s changed. These conversations help us decide if we’re actually down to alter our own understanding of home so that it can exist with another. Furthermore, are we ready to evolve these ideas so they can become something new? If both parties can commit to the change, that’s beautiful. But you might decide the relationship will thrive if each has their own house. That’s also beautiful. Maybe you can live together as long as each of you has space within the home to call your own. Whatever works

Just like we should continue to rearrange the room to fit our changing needs, we can reorganize our relationships in the same way. If one arrangement doesn’t work, don’t get discouraged, just try something else.

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