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Hydravion Berger by Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann

A passage from Home: A Short History of an Idea by Witold Rybczynski

“A well designed easy chair must accommodate not only relaxed sitting, but also having  a drink, reading, conversation, bouncing babies on the knee, dozing, and so on. It must permit the sitter to shift about and adopt a variety of positions. This changing of postures has a social function—so-called body language. It should be possible to lean forward (to express concern) or to recline backward (to indicate pensiveness); one should be able to sit primly (to show respect) or to lounge (to communicate informality or even disrespect). The ability to change positions also has an important physical function. The human body is not designed to stay in one position for extended periods; prolonged immobility adversely affects body tissues, muscles, and joints. Changes of position—crossing the legs, tucking one, or both, up under the body, even hanging a leg over the armrest—shift the weight from one part of the body to another, relieve the pressure and stress, and relax different muscle groups. Even the most perfectly designed seat will soon feel uncomfortable if such movement is restricted—as all airline passengers well know. Engineers call this tendency of the body to change positions motility.”

January 29


This seat represents the times we feel like we’re caught under a rain cloud, getting poured on, beat down by the outside world or even by the inside self. It can be challenging to get through the store. We keep our heads down. Our clothes are wet so we feel heavy. We’re completely consumed by how cold and droopy and sloppy we feel. But a tree, a being who knows no protection from the rain, is excited about the storm and the growth it invites.

Sometimes, we can change our perception to change our experience. Other times, what we experience is a true tragedy that we cannot change. And that’s not something we should run from or fight. Tragedy and loss are natural parts of the human experience, and if we don’t allow ourselves to feel those lows, then we’re stopping up our human flow. We’re creating blockage.

Be reminded that the storm passes. Afterwards, we find a new freshness: the air calm and wet with earth’s breath; the trees extra green and floating in tranquility. We’ve dried off or changed clothes so we feel lighter. We feel a sense of perseverance and we remember that the water is nothing to be afraid of.

January 22
The Ava chair by Lazar is for talking and tv. It might not strike you as a long term chair but could certainly last a whole movie; something light like a comedy. White in the room would bring the chair to the foreground. Wood surfaces would stabilize the orange and make for softer transitions. Either way, as the star of the show or as background support, the Ava chair holds its own.

December 10

Wirth is a German word for head of family, master of household, provider. The Wirth Chair belongs in a quiet, light filled space – a foyer, piano room, gallery or perhaps even the patio. With its delicate curves and stone like look, the seat is a place for finding balance, a place for contemplation. When the master needs to retreat and be alone, the Wirth Chair is the only company he needs.

wirth chair

December 3

This throne of a seat looks like it was unpeeled to reveal singer/songwriter, Ari Lennox. She can’t be bought, regrettably, but two of these chairs in tour backyard amid bamboo, banana trees, palms and philodendron might mimic the getaway that is her voice. Fit for shiraz on Saturday night or chai on Sunday morning, this chair is for conversation, reflection, gratitude.

seat of the week oct two

November 26

Clean design, optimum comfort. Spotted in the Paramount at South Market.

November 19

Iklwa by Mac Collins.
“…when used, the throne conjures up notions of authority, empowerment and dominance against oppression.
“Drawing inspiration from his African Cultural heritage, Mac has created a furniture piece which is in tune with the ideas of Afrocentrism and Afrofuturism. Through a composition of powerful, spear-like forms, an encompassing backrest and a vivid, ultramarine hue, the designer has created a visually intense object designed to dominate and overwhelm its surroundings.” As described on

mac collins

November 12

The Cheiftain Chair
Originally born in 1949, this Danish design was resurrected in 2002 by Finn Juhl. Materials: Teak, walnut and leather.

finn juhl cheiftain

November 5

“German armchair made in the 1960s in Berlin. It has undergone a complete upholstery and carpentry renovation. The wood has been cleaned and covered with semi-gloss walnut varnish. The upholstery is a high quality mustard velor with gloss.” [as described on yestersen.]


October 29

The Valet collection, from Stellar Works’ Collaboration series, explores the roots of the word valet. Pictured above, the Valet Seated Bench is designed by David Rockwell with a powder coated steel frame, Brass plated stainless steel, Veneer laminate and leather.

seat of the week oct 29

October 22

The Merano Armchair, designed by Alexander Gufler, features solid wood framing and plywood shells.

merano armchair

October 15

This arrangement was spotted in Uptown New Orleans. The cane webbing caught my eye. I drew closer and found that the chair had sustained some injuries over time. Still (with slight adaptations), it functions.

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“Designs don’t have to be perfect: results that are not quite optimum or less than perfect are often completely satisfactory for everyday usage. No everyday product is perfect, nor need they be.”
Donald Norman | 2010

October 8

Spotted outside the #DiscoWarehouse here in NOLA.

seatoftheweekoctober eight

October 1

‘PLANK’ Settle by historic paint and lacquer specialist, Pedro da Costa Felgueiras via The New Craftsman.

seatoftheweekoctober one

September 24

I spotted this bench on a morning walk. The legs look like little monster feet.

seat of sept twenty four

September 18

Last week, I spotted these chunky trunks in the Fat Boy Pantry on Magazine Street. The man behind the counter immediately noticed my fascination. He felt the questions stirring up in me and so said ‘yes, they’re real.” Which made me happy because it’s exactly what I wanted to hear. They had eight of these giants on both sides of a big bar table in the center of the store.

fat boy seat one

September 10

I got to know myself well in this swing. It sits inside a special park in Tallahassee. This is about the time I first began to notice the natural world as mirror to the things happening in me.

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September 3

Spotted in Sol Cura here on Magazine Street.

seat four

August 27

A little cutie I spotted in a lifeless motel lobby and fell in love with. poor thing. sit in your seats! move them around. play with pairings. bring them to life.

chair week three

August 20

Babu Chair by Toru


August 13

Bench by Charlotte Parriand


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