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In the beginning, we tried to keep some distance between us. We had to preserve what we discovered.

I remember a text conversation from the fourth or fifth night. We had to decide if we should spend yet anther night together. I finally said ‘maybe it would be better if we spent tonight apart.’ I rolled my eyes as I sent the message. I put the phone down, got in the shower and pouted the whole time. I tried to convince myself it was for the better but it wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted him next to me and I didn’t see a reason to fight it if I didn’t have to. So after my shower I sent another message,
and this time I told the truth.
and he came over.
and together we simmered.

The urge to be together was stronger than some faint need to be cautious. Trying to fight the urge felt stupid and pointless. So we listened to our bodies and we listened to our spirits and we spent every night and every morning together. It wasn’t something we talked about, it just happened. Almost overnight we went from crushes who still wanted to keep secrets about ourselves to lovers who bloomed and bared all.

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