What is Spatial Therapy?

You can fit only so many books in your book bag. For this reason, before you leave the house you ensure the bag is filled with books you actually want to read. You know that carrying a bulky book you have no interest in not only takes up space where something more relevant could be, but also weighs you down and messes up your posture.

This same principle applies to the home. Your house should be filled only with only what’s relevant and useful to you. If not, irrelevant and un-useful items weigh you and your home down. They takes up space where things more beneficial could be.

Spatial Therapy is the process of distinguishing what’s useful, discarding what’s not and designing what’s left so that it reflects how you want to feel. The same way we set the mood for game night or for an intimate evening based on how we want our guests to feel, Spatial Therapy sets the mood according to how we want our lives to feel. We should constantly reassess the established mood to ensure that it’s up to date and still reflecting what we want for our lives.

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