When Clare Cooper Marcus said…

“People who are domocentric are so profoundly connected to their house that this relationship has become a substitute for, and a barrier to, close relationships with other people.”

I know this about myself.
I’ve known this about myself.
But for Clare Cooper Marcus to call me names for it is kinda rude.

I actually agree though.
It’s the very reason staying in always sounds better to me than going out.
It’s the reason I know so few people.

But this attitude has been necessary in my evolution.
If it wasn’t for such an honest incubation in my home, I would not be equipped for this life.
Now I think a bit sharper.
Now I speak a bit clearer.

Retreating into my self and my house brought me closer to my center.
And when I go outside to face all the things that want to throw me from my center,
I know how to get back:
Either pull from the tool belt i developed for myself
Or go home and recenter.

I’m thankful for the time I get to spend at home
but now i’m ready to venture out and speak up.
Here I am.

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