harvest moon notes

Our beloved Shay Mosey took the week off. At first this meant no moon cycle notes. Then she suggested I write them. I told her I didn’t know how. She said ‘you know how to write, just write’ and accompanied the message with a couple lines from the hoodwitch to inspire:

“The Harvest Moon is a celebration of past efforts, serving as the culmination of the past year, as it’s time to pick crops for the new season. Falling close to the Autumnal Equinox, the Harvest Moon is the first Full Moon of the season, creating abundance, as we reap the benefits of our past efforts.”

Most of my pieces start in my notebook and then get groomed for the online journal. But this stock taking of my fruits, of my accomplishments from the last year, painted itself onto the page with ease, with eloquence and asked to be shared in its raw form. So here we are:

Here in celebration of the autumn equinox, I enjoy the fruits of my labor. The most relieving of my harvest is finding a bit of financial stability. I reached the savings goal I set in the spring. I bought myself things I’ve been wanting/needing, things I deserve, things that make me feel good. I have shown myself that I can afford anything as long as I take my time, strategize and work. I have softened some of my notions around money. I have a better understanding of its cyclical nature.

The most inspiring fruit of my harvest is the tall standing shed in the back. I built it alone with the knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated. I raised the money to build it and actually built it and can use it in whatever way I please. That was learning experience, for I clearly rushed. I could have mediated longer, calculated my moves a little bit more precisely. But that’s not how things happened, which means I had to build that shed at the time I built it. It catapulted me into the world of physical creation. I learned that I am capable and willing to see a project through. It also taught me to slow down.

The most aligned is my beautiful blog ko kin. I had ideas of how I wanted it when it first began but it has taken a form of its own. I am so inspired to create for the journal that the content writes itself. It has already taken me places I never thought to go. It has attracted such interesting books into my life. It has showed me that I am needed “in this niche.”
Like the shed, the journal has showed me that I am capable and willing to see a project through. It has gifted me the sensation of being proud and confident enough to share. What a blessing. What a revelation.

The most divine is the realization that I am not stuck. That I can change. That I can grow. That I can learn. That I am forever learning. That I am forever growing. That everything is forever changing. That every moment is a moment for learning.
I am not stuck.

And this, I wasn’t aware of before. I must have known this truth subconsciously, because even in my stuckness I kept pushing. But there was a time I didn’t know I could get better.