Sometimes we find ourselves in living situations that don’t support our full expression and growth. Sometimes the only home we know is inside of us. Maybe we don’t know home at all and it sounds like some distant far off place. It could be due to financial strain, a relationship outgrown, a poor decision of our own or conditions beyond our control.

How can we stay alive in spaces that drain or suppress us?

We know that as adults, we can choose what we want for our lives. We get to create the living conditions we need to grow. But often we believe ourselves to be stuck and it’s not as easy sounding as just leaving or starting new.

If you’re uncomfortable at home, carve out a space that’s yours alone. If it’s a room of your own, arrange it so that it feels right for you. Put things you like looking at on display. Rearrange the displays regularly to freshen the energy.

If the whole house is shared, is there a shelf or a drawer you can keep trinkets and pictures?

Maybe the space you make your own is in a notebook or a sketch book, a place you can be honest or a place to escape to.

These private spaces will carry the energy you infuse into them. Maybe you infuse comfort or calm or love.

Visit your private space to adjust your mood when needed. Reflect on how the space makes you feel and carry that with you. Tap into it when you need to and remember no one can take it from you. That is what home feels like.

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