Each time you go into the world, you come home plump with new information and stimulation. Home is the place to break down and digest this info. To do so in a healthy manner, your home needs a few key components:

sacred space

Each should be fine tuned for your body’s needs and regularly maintenanced for optimum function.

BED: In sleep, the day’s intake of info settles. We break it down and file it away. We recharge our bodies and make room for another day of intake. A comfortable mattress is paramount in this process. The mattress should be compatible with your body. Pay attention to how you feel through the night and upon waking. Do you ache when you wake? It may be time for a new mattress.

BATH: Because many of daily rituals take place in the bathroom, it becomes sacred.  Ideally, there is no obstruction as you transition from sink to shower to toilet. But unless you’re building a house, you probably didn’t have much say in the size or architecture of your bathroom. More important than having a big, spacious bathroom is having a clean one. You can’t keep yourself clean in a dirty space. Also to cure the curse of a the tiny or awkward bathroom layout, use colors, textures, and patterns that make you feel good.

KITCHEN: Another ritualistic space. This is where you prep your daily bread. The kitchen should have easy flow and be kept clean and grime free.

WORKSPACE: There’s likely a few days out of the month where you sit down to handle paperwork, pay bills, updates lists, etc. Or perhaps you even work from home. Dedicate some space in your home to work and do your work only in this are. Gather the items around your house that are meant for an office: pens, notepads, staplers, calculators, laptops, etc. Keep these items in the workspace. This way, you prevent your work from spilling into the space where you rest and recharge. Get creative with finding your workspace. If you don’t have an entire room, carve out a corner of your living area or an under utilized dining area. [Read about maximizing smaller spaces – link coming soon]

SACRED SPACE: The way one feeds his body, he must also feed his spirit. Create a sacred space for spiritual or self care practice. If you don’t yet have a practice, think about the things you do to stabilize yourself when life comes at you fast. Is it exercise? singing? dancing? yoga? writing? reading? meditation? word searching? Do these things in your sacred space and treat it accordingly. Watch who enters the space, what you bring into it and how it’s kept. Burn sage or other cleansing herbs to refresh when necessary. The sacred space will become charged with your energy and intention. It will become a powerhouse for the actualization of your potential.

SEATING: When your body is at rest but not quite sleep, it needs a place other than the bed to relax. You might be reading, watching tv, snacking or chatting. your body needs comfort. Comfortable seating is key. Invest in a cozy couch, chairs, chaises, stools, benches, etc. It’s also important that your guests aren’t guessing in your home. They should know exactly where to sit and place their things.

The components of your home work hard to help you maintain. Treat them with respect. Cleanse regularly and rearrange when in need of fresh chi. Here’s how.

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