House as a Mirror of Self is Clare Cooper Marcus’s pursuit to understand the relationship between home and the evolving self. She interviews sixty people who volunteered to have her as a guest in their home and openly discuss their idea of the home. She has the dweller draw what they see when they think of home, talk to the home as it were a person and even craft the home’s response. I’ll admit I thought the technique was a little stale at first, but I was intrigued nonetheless. Some drawings are elaborate and colorful. Others are basic and monochrome. Some people hate their homes. Others hate the idea of leaving home. Either way, these feelings are a reflection of the metaphysical self.

Marcus urges the reader to explore their own home relationships using her excercies. I finally gave in and found some crayons. I let go and just drew what came to mind:

house drawing

I went even further and talked to this illustration.
I said “House, this is what I have to say to you:


the house responded:


To my surprise I argued back.

I said ‘I’ve been patient!
I’m ready to move forward with my life.
I’m ready to evolve into my next form. I’m trying to change right now.’

The house was firm but gentle in its response, reiterating my big lesson of the year:
slow the hell down.


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