The Staircase The staircase is a brief pause in time. #transitions The staircase is also often the bridge between shared and private space. Here we have Zariane Nunez of Czar Cosmetics casually occupying the space between shared and private both physically and verbally as she shares some private revelations. #slowandsteady #observationist

Sweet Home Simone

You can’t see the door to Simone’s house in the picture, but it’s immediately to the left. It’s seafoam green, it’s heavy as hell and it opens to the bottom of a wooden stair case. The stairs are nestled between two tall, windowless white walls that stretch far above the head. Though there’s light coming […]

The Four Pillars Of Comfort

Good design is rooted in comfort. Though color and placement are crucial to the process, they mean nothing without comfort. A room can be as beautiful as ever, but if it’s uncomfortable, it’s useless. Discomfort tends to trump all other emotions. It rules our minds until it subsides. Thankfully, comfort is a simple task. With […]

Spatial Therapy In 3 Stages

For anyone who feels their home experience could be more satisfying, here’s a three step guide for performing Spatial Therapy on your own. 1. Distinguish and Discard A couple things to keep in mind during this first stage. First: The word useful can be interpreted in more than one way. Not everything that’s useful in […]

The OS Space

seat of the week The OS Space is a Nigerian based firm that designs interiors, furniture and public space. Their experiential exhibitions fuse the flexibility of the human body with the versatility of the spaces we occupy. Pictured above is an installation of 153 multipurpose triangles. Shout out to the BAD Guild for creating a […]

On Letting Tasks Linger

This strategy for fighting procrastination aims particularly at the tasks we just can’t seem to start. Following through to completion is another challenge. But as they say, showing up is half the battle. What started as tiny as a bullet point on your to do list has grown into a slobbering, snarling monster after two […]