bringing new things home is a privilege

Because we’re always accumulating, we should always be reassessing the usefulness of what we own. There should be a healthy rotation between what we bring in and what we push out. The importance of this rotation is heightened when we go through drastic changes. Things we once couldn’t live without might start to look and feel outdated, reminiscent of our younger, less wise selves. We might suddenly want to replace everything with what better reflects who we’re becoming.

I recently had an episode like this. I realized how much had changed since I chose the focal point of my bedroom two years ago. The closer i looked, the more out of place everything felt. I was ready for an overhaul.

But I stopped myself for three reasons:
– I didn’t have the funds
– I didn’t have the time
– And most importantly, I hadn’t yet made the space.
There were still countless inactive objects in the house that needed elimination.

Make room in your home before you bring in the new. Do this by eliminating what’s not in use (by trashing or donating) or simply put things in their place. Make it so that you can see everything you own. Maybe some items can be repurposed. Make it so that when new objects are introduced, they feel welcome.

This approach can be applied to any room in the house. Before going to get groceries, clear the fridge of old food that won’t be used. Before buying new beauty products, clear the bathroom of products that didn’t work for you.

If you find it hard to say goodbye, try this.

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