So the night does not bleed into the day, we make the bed. A newly made bed tells the mind and body that there’s been a change of pace, that after hours of passivity it’s time to act.

The made bed also preps the room for the Unmaking, which happens at a delicate time,
in the soft moments just before your nightly surrender,
when you unclench the stream of what you saw, said and witnessed during the day.
In the unmaking, sheets peel open and reveal the velvet folds of the flower where you rest.

You swirl in and feel your body soften.
You submit yourself to stillness.
You drift in aromatic darkness 
& follow the scent to distant lands.

A made bed seals the secrets of your dreams and neatly tucks the most layered kind of intimacy, that between the conscious and the unconscious.

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