It’s cyclical

It’s the last room in the house. The laundry room, the storage room, the junk room. Even though I’ve cleaned it four times since moving in two years ago, last week I was able to eliminate three bags of trash, two bags of clothes, a bag of bedskirts and a DVD player I haven’t used since 2013. I went through my craft basket and threw out all the scrap fabric and ribbon and buttons I swore I would find a project for. I swept in between the washer and dryer & wiped down the grime that built up in the creases.

Every closet clean out is a testament to my growth. I see myself ready to let go of things I wasn’t ready to part with the last time. What I once held on to so dearly now looks dusty and outdated.

Our tendency to hoard un-useful objects in the home, destructive thought patterns in the head and even pointless people in our lives is a sure way to block blessings. We occupy head space, heart space and home space with stagnation. It’s a defense mechanism, a survival tactic. We’re hesitant about stepping into the new because what’s new is unknown. What we’re used to is more predictable and easier to prepare for.

So be gentle with yourself…but also be clear on your intentions to grow. Bring your ideals closer to the heart by imagining life without dead weight. Visualize yourself shedding dead skin. How does it look? How does it feel? Bring these ideals into the home by committing to at least one project per season. My summer project was the back closet. My fall project is my in-home workshop.

The key to lighter life is an understanding that the work is cyclical. We often end up revisiting what we thought we had already mastered. But with each cycle, we build upon what we learned from the last.

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