“The general rule is that soul appears in the gaps and holes of experience…Power pours in when we sustain the feeling of emptiness and withstand temptation to fill it prematurely…the soul has no room in which to present itself if we continually fill all the gaps with bogus activities.”
Thomas Moore

I used to hate having empty walls. I always felt I had to fill them from top to bottom so they wouldn’t look boring. Eventually these busy walls wore me out, always offering up specific images for me to think about. There was no room for imagination. No place for contemplation. No space for my eyes to rest. I now find it necessary to leave room for emptiness not only in the house but also in my schedule.

“Empty places – a vacuum where something once has been – draw the eye and obsess the imagination.”
In the Studio | Hale | 1957

Sound borrowed from Jitwam – somethingtochewon

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