a response to september’s new moon notes

when my friend and cowriter shay mosey asked if she could use my handwriting for her moon cycle notes i said ‘yes, absolutely.’
she saw my handwriting for the first time on dialogue between house and self and had a vision for it.

so i wrote my way through september’s cycle notes and her words hit me differently than they have before. they traveled from the outside of me
through my eyes and into my body, through my hands and onto the page.

as they traveled through me they shifted something in. they reminded me of the responsibility that comes with the power of creation.
building the shed gave me confidence.
for the first time in my adult life, i was able to say i did something and had a whole little building to prove it. i guess that feeling is what i’ve been chasing when i envision all these projects. the chairs i wanna make, the cabinets, the tables.
i’ve been wanting to finally have something in my name that holds weight and looks legitimate.

but as i read Septembers moon cycle notes I realized I lost focus.

What makes that shed important is the intricate series of events that brought it to existence. what makes any piece of work beautiful is its journey from the subtly of the life force
of prana
of god
into the weightiness of ‘reality.’

so maybe that’s what i’ve been missing.
maybe i’ve misunderstood the whole purpose of this journey. maybe thats why i almost lost my toe, why building day became fuck this shit and why i found myself staring into the sun.
i was not focused. obviously time will be wasted if there’s no focus.
how did i miss that?

so here’s to the new moon,
to the ‘practice of patience
and the appreciation of process’