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Spring is no surprise. We know new life and new energy are on the way at about the same time every year. Why  wait until spring to prepare?

My pre-spring cleaning project started a few months ago. One corner at a time, I’m clearing my closets, book shelves, cabinets, etc. Sometimes I choose a day on which to tackle a particular space. Other times, I’m inspired by something unexpected and decide to dive in. Today, I was inspired by intimate observation of my house plants. I was sitting quietly with them, observing their rhythms of rebirth, seeing that they never losing track of their one objective: growth.

The initial purpose of the pre spring clean project was to simply to ‘get rid of stuff.’ I started off slow. It was a challenge to let go of objects that remind me of times that, outside of my memories, are no longer in reach. I found that I was attached to the nostalgia of an old life. I didn’t realize these old objects were stunting my growth. They were flakes of dead skin that needed to be shed. I didn’t realize that seeing them everyday kept me in a place of insecurity, uncertainty and immaturity. I now understand that decluttering is not just ‘getting rid of junk’ but rather purposed in making room for new life, for new objects that more closely reflect who I am now and are thus more useful.

While cleaning, I came across some photo albums I’ve had for 10+ years. I saw pictures of me as a baby girl up until I was maybe 16, and lots in between. The series ofd shots showed a shift in me. I saw myself transition from bliss as a baby into the uncertainty of adolescence. I saw my confidence crumble as I tried to become someone I wasn’t. Poor little baby. I saw what was once a fearless little girl unafraid to be seen and eager to speak up wilt into a terrified teenager who had nothing to stand for, no roots, no truth. I looked at this little girl, the poor baby who didn’t know what was coming and I cried for her. I cried for me. I cried for the me I thought I had to hide from the world. My truest self. I cried because I didn’t believe in her. I cried because though I once abandoned her, I have finally returned home. I looked at the baby and saw the brightest shine, unrelenting love and light, strength she didn’t know she had, a soldier.

I am being reborn.
A tender baby once more.
A new life.

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