full moon notes

with guest writer shay mosey

august moon

Recently in my journal, I used words like hurt, rejected and abandoned. Just days later, I found myself using words like full and abundant. I wondered “Why even bother ‘feeling’ anymore? Feelings are fleeting. They’re intangible. What do they really mean?”

Is the human experience about simply feeling? Or are feelings a means to some other end?

I reflected and decided that emotions are not an end point but rather the pathway to a deeper understanding of the human experience. Emotions are tools, inspiration, building blocks for connecting with ourselves and with others. I believe the human experience is about transcending the human experience; breaking free from the bounds imposed upon us as humans. Being human is about becoming super human and our feelings will help us get there.

That being said, I don’t feel ridiculous for feeling lonely one day and full the next. I know these fleeting feelings are not the completed project, but rather just tools on my belt.

I’m excited for what’s to come. And yet I am patient.

I’m eager but not rushing. I understand that change is an ongoing process. And with that I can make every moment count. One step at a time. One letter, one page, one book at a time.

This full moon I am releasing expectations. I’m releasing attachment to what was or what could be and shifting my focus to what already is.

Let the light of the full moon shine through you and into your home. Do you see objects or thought patterns that represent what could be or what once was?

Let it go.