committed to clutter

We are at all times accumulating things. So at all times, we must be making space for what’s to come.

Decluttering is a commitment. To get real results and real satisfaction, you must accept that the process is continuous. Don’t get discouraged if you remember clearing out your closet 3 months ago only to be feeling again like it’s time for another clear out. Realize that there are layers. What you weren’t ready to let go of three months ago, you might now have the courage to say, ‘I don’t need this anymore. This is no longer necessary in my life and I’m ok with letting it go.’ It will get easier to let go and you’ll get better at deciding what’s worth even bringing into the home.

As you find strength and courage to let go of what’s no longer in use at home, so too will you find strength to let go of (or at least distance yourself from) situations/people that are no longer necessary in your life.